Indirapuram Public School

About School

With a conscious commitment to building expressive autonomy in learning, The Indirapuram Group of Institutions has developed itself and is consistently growing and fruitfully contributing to an experiential learning curriculum.

Apart from Indirapuram Institute Of Higher Studies located in NyayaKhand, there are three Indirapuram Public schools in existence –Indirapuram Public School,Indirapuram, Indirapuram Public School, PratapVihar and Indirapuram Public School at Crossings Republik.

Built on the foundation of empowering children to become rational decision-makers and mindful agents of change, our innovative pedagogy facilitates children to become critical and reflective thinkers.

What makes the School progressive in the true sense is that it has continued to grow, transform and evolve over the past decade in keeping with the continuity of the Values that it stands for. Thanks to this commitment, ithas carved a niche not only in NCR, but also at a global level with the students giving stellar performances in national and international competitions and forums. The pedagogical research provides the school with the generative insights that fortify student learning.